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22/September/ 2023

The first fully integrated Decision Intelligence Solution for effective Return to Work Strategies

Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™-The first fully integrated Decision Intelligence Solution for effective Return to Work Strategies for physical office environments

Return to office is at the forefront of global workplace trends. Employers recognize the value of bringing back employees to the workplace, which includes promoting a common culture, enabling collaboration, promoting engagement and increasing productivity.In doing so, companies are also recognizing the importance of the physical environment in creating a positive employee experience.Yet this has created considerable challenges for many companies, as often times an accurate inventory does not exist of the space that is within the company's portfolio of facilities, such as workspaces, meeting rooms, and break areas. Large companies can have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of unique spaces within their portfolios. Even when an accurate inventory of spaces is available, critical information is typically unavailable, such as the condition of the spaces, as well as an understanding of the existence and condition of other assets, such as furniture, within the spaces. Without this information, real estate executives cannot effectively make decisions regarding upgrades to the facilities to enhance the employee experience, which also requires understanding associated costs and project prioritization. Workplace improvements can be significant, costing tens of millions of dollars annually to maintain a productive work environment. Making intelligent decisions is critical for success in the current return to office environment.

To overcome these challenges, corporate real estate departments turn to technology. To gather information, e-form apps are popular as well as spreadsheets. Content collected by those technologies then needs to be structured and stored in various types of repositories, such as databases and space management software. Analysis of the data sets is then needed, requiring business intelligence software and analytics, dashboards and reporting. Decision makers then need to deploy capital planning software to determine cost and criticality, in order to property prioritize potential projects. Acquiring, assembling and deploying all of these solutions can be daunting, and often times creates a significant amount of manual work arounds due to lack of integration between all of the different software solutions. The costs to procure all of the various solutions can be significant, and the costs to integrate the solutions can easily be as much, if not more, than the original cost of the software itself.

Geospatial Analytics Space InSite is the first and only solution on the market today that overcomes these obstacles. It offers a single, integrated software platform that provides all of the needed capabilities of the “end to end” process. It provides a robust e-form app to inventory space types as well as collect asset condition data. Unlike other e-form apps, data sets from other systems, such as a CMMS, can be included in the space surveys, allowing for validation of existing information as well as capturing additional supplemental data. The collected information is seamlessly transferred to a robust relational database, where additional content can be added from other existing systems, such as project management for cost data. Dashboards provide executive level perspectives and comparative views of the portfolio of facilities and the space types that exist within them. A capital planning solution is then available that provides powerful analytics to create scenarios, prioritize projects and create accurate capital expenditure forecasts. This bundled set of capabilities typically costs less than just one of the software components required in a holistic solution.

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