Product Solutions

Harness the power of our technology tools to solve your real estate business challenges. Whether using a single solution or a combination of integrated solutions, the Geospatial Analytics InSite Platform™ helps you gather and maintain data on your real estate assets, and then analyze the data to improve productivity and profits.

Solutions Bundles

Asset Inspection Solution
Industry leading mobile solution for the collection and maintenance of information of your facilities and assets.
Enterprise Asset Management
Offers a comprehensive and complete set of features and capabilities to achieve all of your EAM objectives. It provides the tools needed to achieve each milestone critical for success.
Capital Planning Solution
Powerful strategic asset management solution that provides functionality for managing information regarding serialized and non-serialized assets.
Equipment InSite
Integrated data repository that facilitates effective analysis of data gathered to optimize enterprise asset decision making.
Facility Platform Features
Inspections and other processes can create millions of discrete data elements on serialized assets such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, as well as,non-serialized assets such as carpet and furniture.
Safety Management Solution
It creates a proactive program focused on reducing risks and targeting preventive measures where they are most effective.
Service Management
Facility Managers can then understand outcomes by leveraging powerful analytics.This enable effective vendor management, quality assurance and cost optimization.
Transaction Management Solution
The ability to have transparency to current and future costs, as well as ability to proactive address those costs, is now made possible.

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The end goal in portfolio and process management is optimization. Capital-intensive assets are distributed to best meet demand, and the organizations responsible for long-range planning and utilization are fully in control.

Outdated business processes are strangling organizational goals of increased productivity and flexibility. Employees struggle to achieve basic awareness of assets, working through disconnected database and functional silos.

A strong process and information foundation creates a platform from which higher value goals can be pursued. Increased operational awareness, better decision-making and shared information lead to a sense of gaining control.

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