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07/December/ 2020

Geospatial Analytics® Democratizes Analytics for Front Line Workers Transforming the Real Estate Services Industry

Workers are slowly going back to work in office buildings and serving customers. Protecting employees and customers air quality is essential and has become the standard for business success.

When discussing investing in an upgrade to a facility management system, from paper or decentralized tracking, to one unified data system, it takes foresight to see how technology improves management decisions. Decision makers need to assess return on investment (ROI) in ways that they never have in the past. Suddenly, the health of your business environment has become a top priority to the success of your business. ROI now includes such an all encompassing dimension. Facilities operations managers need to work to get the best tools they can to succeed. What is the cost of preparing for the future? Almost always, savings.

The future of facilities management is here now and it includes artificial intelligence (AI). New facilities management systems, like Geospatial Analytics Asset InSite™, can take your assets to the next level. Be ahead of your competitors in preparing your organization for tomorrow. Geospatial Analytics® can provide your company with a complimentary assessment of your systems and demonstrate how to improve your business.

About Geospatial Analytics®

Geospatial Analytics® is a development firm specializing in cost-effective and agile real estate management software that empowers property owners and facility managers with analytics to strategically manage their businesses. They serve some of the world's largest companies in retail, finance, healthcare, and more, with over $1 trillion in combined real estate valuations. To learn more, call a Geospatial Analytics® representative at 877-291-3282, or email

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